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Equipment list for Trekking Tours / Assisted Treks

Boots and Clothing:
Hiking Boots – The boots should be of leather (or leather and synthetic) with high cut to give sufficient ankle support. Preferably the sole should be soft but robust. Gore-Tex or alternative waterproof membrane is a preferable extra.
Long sleeve shirt (thermal underwear) – Wool or synthetic.
Rain Jacket or an Anorak with hood – Preferably waterproof and breathable material (Gore-Tex or equivalents).
Rain trousers – Waterproof and breathable material.
Liner Gloves – Wool or synthetic (polypropylene / polyester).
Mittens – Wool or synthetic (optionally waterproof) (two pairs if no Liner Gloves).
Socks – Wool or synthetic. Two or three pairs.
Hat or Balaclava – Wool or synthetic.

Other gear:
Backpack for extra clothes and food during the day. Size: 30-50 litres.
River shoes – Old pair of light sneakers do nicely to ford the rivers. Open sandals are not sufficient for the purpose.
Sleeping bag – Down or fibre. Aim for light weight and warm bags. We recommend goose down with high “fill power” or top of the line synthetic bags.
A travel sack for your baggage that is transported between camps. Note that suitcases are to be avoided.
Towel – A light weight and packable one.
Sunglasses – Big enough to cover the eyes and with sufficient UV-protection.
Sun protection.
Water container – Pet plastic bottle.

Optional gear:
Walking poles.
Gaiters – Calf or knee height and wide enough for your boots.
Neoprene socks – A preferable item on trips where we have to cross many rivers.
Pen knife.
Sun/rain Hat or a Cap.
Thermal mat (for lunch breakes).
Camera, spare batteries and a memory card or films.

*All of the huts are heated, some have electricity and some have hot water. They have bunk rooms with single and twin beds, paricipants have to be prepared to share a bunk with other travellers from the group.

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